Issues and options for benefit sharing in REDD+ in East Africa: A Case Study of Mount Elgon Regional Conservation Programme

This case study shares some early experiences and lessons from projects that are related to Payment for Ecosystems Services (PES) and how they can inform development of national RE DD+ strategies, programmes and projects. In East Africa, the REDD+ processes and programmes are still emerging through national planning / strategy development processes and pilot projects, givingsome sense of what REDD+ might look like in practice. While RE DD+ projects and policies are being developed in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, there are aspects in existing natural resources benefit sharing systems that could inform a typical RE DD+ benefit sharing system, including the MERECP. The case of MERECP could also provide useful experiences and information as a basis for putting in place institutions across governments, national expert groups, negotiating teams, and civil society organizations to achieve greater RE DD+ effectiveness, coordination and implementation. This case study examines the current benefit sharing as part of the MERECP in Uganda and Kenya, providing insights as to how participation and benefit sharing can be addressed in REDD+.