Capacity Development for Sustainability in the Food Industry – Lake Victoria Basin

Fairfood International & UCSD
Fairfood International facilitates change towards a fair and sustainable food and beverage industry focusing directly on food and beverage companies and their supply chains, encouraging changes in their policies and practices ( In order to realize our mission, we employ a holistic advocacy strategy that is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Solid background and  contextual knowledge of companies and the food industry;
  • Direct, proactive and effective engagement with food and beverage companies;
  • Strong and passionate global community and constructive and effective campaigns;
  • Meaningful partnerships.

Fairfood joins forces with like-minded organizations in order to achieve a more sustainable food and beverage industry in an efficient way. Since November 2011, UCSD and Fairfood became partners and mainly work together on sharing knowledge and expertise related to the food and beverage industry, specifically in the Lake Victoria Basin.

As of 2012 Fairfood started providing capacity development services on the subjects of research, advocacy and communication to its partners. In the light of the LVEMP II Civil Society project, the UCSD and Fairfood identified opportunities to enroll a capacity development program.

Objective of the program and expected results
To develop skills and knowledge that will allow the UCSD, UCSD members and Fairfood to gain insight in sustainability issues in the food and beverage industry in the Lake Victoria Basin and to apply these insights in advocacy and campaigning.

Please send your complete application form to we need 15 applicants for this course and should be from Uganda only deadline for submission is on September 8, 2012.