This Toolkit to assess proposed Benefit Sharing and Revenue Distribution Schemes of Community REDD+ Projects has been developed as part of REDD-net’s aim of strengthening the ability of community-based institutions to address REDD+ issues,

The talk about a World Toilet Day may sound amusing and a case of laughter by many who have the comfort and luxury of their own clean toilet, complete with flash water, dry clean surface, mirrors and perhaps air refreshing fumes! This would all be worthwhile if people’s attention was drawn to the fact that 2.5 billion people lacked proper sanitation and 1.1 billion were forced to defecate in the open.

This series of short articles outlines the linkages between REDD+ and key other sectors in East Africa. Agriculture, food security and REDD+ in East Africa , REDD+ and energy for rural development in East Africa ,

Applauds and frustrations as EA SusWatch Network launches Lake Victoria Climate Change Readiness Brief No. 2

More eco-friendly projects under LVEMP II to benefit Communities in Kenya

The subcomponent on promotion of cleaner production technologies under the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMPII) on point source pollution control and prevention is on track according to Mr. Silver Ssebaggala of the Uganda Cleaner Production Centre.

Lake Victoria Climate Change Readiness Brief No.2 (July 2013) by the EA SusWatch Network

Long term organisational sustainability is vital for the success of UCSD and its members. An important part of organisational sustainability to reduce the dependency of one source of funding hence, become less vulnerable and self-determining.

Please share deliberately and widely:
UCSD would like to call applicants to express  their interest for the 3 consultancies below.  In addition the Mid-Term Review Call is now ready so that they are 3 in total:

1. Development of follow-up project Proposal to EA SusWatch Network’s Lake Victoria Environment
    Management Project Phase II (LVEMPII) Civil Society Watch Project; Revision of Strategic Plan


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