More eco-friendly projects under LVEMP II to benefit Communities in Kenya

The subcomponent on promotion of cleaner production technologies under the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMPII) on point source pollution control and prevention is on track according to Mr. Silver Ssebaggala of the Uganda Cleaner Production Centre.

Lake Victoria Climate Change Readiness Brief No.2 (July 2013) by the EA SusWatch Network

Long term organisational sustainability is vital for the success of UCSD and its members. An important part of organisational sustainability to reduce the dependency of one source of funding hence, become less vulnerable and self-determining.

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UCSD would like to call applicants to express  their interest for the 3 consultancies below.  In addition the Mid-Term Review Call is now ready so that they are 3 in total:

1. Development of follow-up project Proposal to EA SusWatch Network’s Lake Victoria Environment
    Management Project Phase II (LVEMPII) Civil Society Watch Project; Revision of Strategic Plan

The LVEMPII Civil Society Watch E bulletin (June 2013) from the East African Sustainability Watch Network (c/o Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development) is out. In this issue read about:

  • Loses and Wins from the Budget Speech of the EAC(2013 / 2014)
  • Progress on Rwanda's LVEMPII Project implementation
  •  'Dryland champions' in Kenya
  • Upcoming events including the Uganda National CSO Fair (July 4 - 5, 2013) in K'la

The East African Sustainability Watch Network would like to share with you the latest LVEMPII Civil Society Watch E bulletin (May 2013). In this issue, read about:

  • Are LVEMPII Community Driven Sub-projects neglected in Tanzania?
  • EA SusWatch Network expands public information outreach in the Lake region
  • Resources and upcoming events including UN High Level Panel Report with recommendations on Post-2015 development framework

Hope you enjoy it. As usual, we look forward for any feedback you might have

latest LVEMPII Civil Society Watch E bulletin (April 2013) from the East African Sustainability Watch Network. In this issue, read about:

Environmental degradation has become a global reality. The findings in this report point to the environmental degradation in the Katonga River catchment area of Rakai and Mubende. It is evident that environmental degradation not only compromises the ecosystem but also affects livelihoods luring communities to encroach on the environment. Overcoming the environmental challenges in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) requires concerted efforts to widen livelihood opportunities for communities within the region.


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