UCSD JEEP INFORSE East Africa Press Statement Energy Week 2019

Today JEEP, UCSD and INFORSE East Africa have released the attached Press statement: 'Uganda should scale up energy efficiency to secure Sustainable Energy for All and to increase local climate action', at the start (today) of the Uganda Energy and Minerals Week 2019 and also as a contribution to the on going UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

Rural Uganda households are facing increasing energy costs or spend more time collecting firewood. Similarly, for the urban residents, a bag of charcoal (quality not withstanding) has skyrocketed to as high as Ugshs 100,000 (ca. USD 27). But how far is this charcoal being efficiently produced, and even used by households today?

Uganda has abundant biomass, including large quantities of non-woody #biomass, as well as peat and water resources. Water and biomass make the biggest contributions to the energy demands of Uganda’s population. The inconsistent use of the available resources has, however, left the country with an inadequate supply of energy. This situation is aggravated by often inefficient use of energy

This statement raises issues of energy efficiency that need to be taken up as part of sustainable energy development and climate action in Uganda.

Please find a copy of this statement attached