LVEMPIICS Watch Ebulletin July 2014

The village chairman further explains that “Even at household level very few households have access to toilets not even the local toilets that are dug out have holes with slabs”.
This has led to a community habit of using plastic bags that are later thrown in the Lake in the evenings. During this local campaign TCSD requested the BMU chairman to open the toilets and the community cleaned them. Later a community meeting was held to discuss how to manage the sanitation facilities through creating awareness and health education and appropriate use of toilets so as to eliminate open defecation and to minimize the risk of contaminating the Lake water. The community appreciated the importance of using toilets and the danger they create by defecating along the shorelines. They have promised to stop using the plastic bags and build toilets for their own good and health purposes. BMU toilets are now opened for everyone to use and have decided to set a plan for hygiene and routine cleaning schedules not only for the toilets but for the entire BMU area.