FinalAugust 2008

‘Be a Champion at the UN High Level meeting UN High-Level Event on the MDGs) September 25, 2008’, - UCSD urges Uganda Government UCSD as a member of the international End Water Poverty Coalition has written a letter to Government of Uganda through the Prime Minister of Uganda – Prof. Apollo Nsibambi urging Government to champion increased action to improve access to safe sanitation and water at the forth coming UN High Level Event on the MDGs - a special informal event bringing together Heads of State or Government, as well as leaders of the private sector and civil society, to be held September 25, 2008 in New York. The letter highlighted the End Water Poverty Coalition Policy Briefing, providing further details of the outcomes needed from this UN High-Level Event, as well as a copy of the Civil Society Watchdog Discussion paper No.2: Water, sanitation and basic hygiene on selected sites in and around Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania: Scarcity amidst Plenty? (December 2007), as a case to typify
the need for Government of Uganda to champion sanitation and water at this UN High-Level Event. Find out the details of the letter on the link: