East African Civil Society for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action (EASE-CA)

The overall development objective of the Project is increased access to sustainable energy and other climate solutions to local communities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with both women’s and men’s full and effective participation and leadership for improved livelihoods and reduction of poverty. This will be realised by combining Civil Society Organization (CSO) activities on local, national and international levels in ways, where they reinforce each other. The project primarily works towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1 (poverty), SDG5 (gender), SDG7 (clean energy), SDG 13 (climate action), and SDG 17 (partnerships).

Objectives include to:

  1. Empower poor, rural communities in three districts in Uganda, and in East Africa more generally, to get access to clean energy and improved livelihoods in an economic and climate friendly way, as well as to refine methods from previous projects to realise this.
  2.  Strengthen national CSO networking and advocacy for increased targets and financing of local, sustainable, pro-poor, and gender responsive climate and energy solutions in national development strategies and their implementation in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 
  3. Strengthen networking and participation of East African CSOs for exchange of experiences and to give voice to East African CSOs to influence development of the international framework for the national strategies and for climate financing, including in the UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC).

Activities include:
Local Activities in 3 districts in Uganda: Empower poor, rural communities to get access to clean energy and improved livelihoods in an economic and climate friendly way. Seminars, trainings reaching out to rural households, training of trainers (ToTs), local leaders, planners. Themes include: clean cooking, water, food security, tree planting, solar energy, sustainable energy & development, income generation to reduce poverty, entrepreneurship etc.

National level: Strengthen Civil Society Organisations (CSO) activities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Strategies & scenarios for 100% renewable energy. Meetings of CSO Coalitions, joint CSO proposals, presentations for national planners & decision-makers, dialogues with stakeholders, media campaign.

International Level Advocacy: Strengthen Networking and participation of CSOs, exchange of experience and give voice to CSOs at United Nations’ Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC).
Publish: African Catalogue of local solutions (print, web, mobile)

East Africa NGO Cooperation Project:
Four national NGO organizations of INFORSE-East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) will cooperate in the 3-year project in 2019-2022